Blog How to select a shampoo

How to select a shampoo 

This blog is written with the intent on helping you select a shampoo that is suitable for you.

First, let’s understand what goes into a shampoo.

What’s in a Shampoo 
Water is the most common ingredient in Shampoos, which is predominantly purified or deionised water.  Further ingredients are listed in a reducing order according to the percentage of each ingredient in the shampoo.

The second ingredient that most shampoos have in common is the base surfactant or base detergent. These two terms mean the same thing.

The surfactant or base detergent  is the second most common ingredient in Shampoo

What to consider when you select a shampoo
The condition of your scalp – if your scalp is dry, greasy or dandruff-affected.
Texture and condition of your hair – if your hair damaged, porous, fine or chemically treated
Subsequent Treatment – Do you plan on perming or colouring  your hair in the near future
Types of shampoos you can select from

1. Normal hair — these shampoos are made to cleanse the average head of hair, leaving it in good condition for subsequent styling

2. Dry hair — these shampoos will help nourish the hair, add moisture to the hair and make the hair easier to comb.

3. Greasy hair – These shampoos will be effective in the removal of sebum (excess oil) from the hair and scalp and may contain additives which will help to reduce the activity of the sebaceous glands.

4. Dandruff — These shampoos will help to combat the causes of dandruff and to remove dandruff scales from the hair and scalp.  Anti-Dandruff shampoos include additives including selenium sulphide and zinc pyrethione

5. Fine hair — these shampoos are designed to reduce the softening effect of shampooing.

6. For colour treated hair — these shampoos are designed to reduce the colour fade caused by shampooing the hair.

7. Pre-perm — these shampoos are designed to cleanse the hair and to prepare the hair for subsequent permanent curling.

Consider the above when you select a shampoo but remember to always test with your self as you are unique.