About Us

COSMOS Beauty Salon is one of Multan’s first beauty salons and first woman owned business. COSMOS is a cutting edge and aesthetically driven full-service salon located in the heart of Multan providing a full range of services including, but not limited to Bridal Makeup, Manicures & Pedicures, Hairstyling and Facials. 

Since 1990, Sajhia Gardezi established COSMOS Beauty Salon to provide guests with an extravagant experience. Created exclusively for your beauty, pleasure, and well-being, our 5-star services embody excellence and are tailored with your every need in mind. We invite you to experience the art of beauty, where our skilled team of professionals will create a unique and personal experience for you.  

Our primary goal is to provide women with a platform in society and to instill the utmost confidence within them to flourish. COSMOS is also an institution for women who strive to excel in becoming a makeup artist. We offer professional classes that are taught by Sajhia Gardezi and her expert team. These classes teach women the basics of grooming and makeup skills to one day start their own venture in this field.

About the Founder

Sajhia Gardezi was born in Multan, Pakistan. From a young age, she was gifted with an artistic talent that she built her dreams on. She has always been creative and loved art, knowing there are infinite possibilities of how art can be created. She had always dreamt to open a salon one day, as makeup was one of her favorite things. She always says that makeup is an escape for women and a way for them to build confidence. COSMOS Beauty Salon set an example for women in society that it is not only possible to start your own business but also crucial to build society on such a foundation. 

Throughout her career, Sajhia Gardezi has placed the utmost importance on empowering women. Her top priority is to make sure whoever leaves her salon doors is completely satisfied. She has trained her staff to also achieve their highest capacities and provide excellent customer service to everyone. Sajhia genuinely believes in the motto, “Empowered women empower women”.

At the time of establishment, Sajhia Gardezi has participated abroad in several beauty competitions such as Hair Asia Pacific, which was held every year and in different countries. In these events, she has represented Pakistan through a series of international competitions and has come in first place numerous times. Her achievements include the following:

· Hair Asia Pacific (2000) – 2ND RUNNER-UP: Nail Art Trophy  

· Hair Asia Pacific (2004) – MOST OUTSTANDING PAKISTAN PERFORMER: Trophy

· Hair Asia Pacific (2005) – BEST PAKISTAN PERFORMER: Trophy

· Hair Asia Pacific (2005) – 2ND RUNNER-UP: Nail Art Trophy